The Most Affordable Tailor-Made Sofa Cover in the U.S.

Every piece is tailored to your exact specifications for comfort and a guaranteed ideal fit - prices start from as low as $200.

CustomFit Sofa Covers' innovative fabric blend combines the best qualities of durability, stretchability, and softness, offering unparalleled protection and comfort that other sofa covers simply can't match.

  • 20% thicker fabric than others
  • Put it on in under 10 seconds
  • Durable enough to handle 10,000+ washes
  • Used & loved by moms across the world

6 Reasons Why You’ll Love CustomFit Sofa Covers

  1. Perfect Fit Guarantee without breaking the bank (under $350)
  2. Spill and stain-resistant, protecting your sofa from pets and kids
  3. Easy to install, machine washable, and always stays in place
  4. Innovative fabric blend technology giving your sofa a snug fit and lasting comfort at all times
  5. Fast and free shipping in the continental United States (ready in 2 weeks)
  6. 90-Day warranty on all CustomFit Sofa Covers

Over A Million Sofa Covers Sold

Perfect Fit or Your Money Back

CustomFit Sofa Covers protect your sofa with our innovative fabric blend that combines the best qualities of durability, stretchability, and softness into one.

  • Perfect fit guarantee or your money back
  • 20% thicker fabric than others
  • Durable enough to handle 10,000+ washes
  • Used & loved by moms across the world


Nolan Interior’s products are created to last a lifetime and are backed by a 90-day warranty

CustomFit Sofa Covers Are Designed To Simplify Your Life

You might have noticed your sofa doesn't look or feel as welcoming as it once was. CustomFit Sofa Covers are crafted with a unique blend of materials, featuring a thicker, more resilient fabric than other brands. This innovative design not only enhances the durability and protection of your sofa but also ensures a comfortable, stylish look that lasts. By combining advanced fabric technology with features like spill-resistance and easy maintenance, CustomFit Sofa Covers are designed to outlast and outshine the ordinary.

Protects Like Magic, Thanks To Science

Innovative Fabric Blend

Our groundbreaking fabric blend sets CustomFit Sofa Covers apart. It combines the strength and durability of thicker materials with the flexibility and softness of premium fabrics. This unique combination means our covers protect against spills, stains, and wear while maintaining an elegant, inviting look for your sofa.

Adaptive Stretch Technology

CustomFit Sofa Covers feature a unique stretch technology that allows them to fit snugly over any sofa, regardless of the shape, as long as your cushions are removable. This adaptive fit ensures complete coverage and protection, maintaining the aesthetics and comfort of your living space.

Advanced Protection Features

Designed with modern homes in mind, CustomFit Sofa Covers offer more than just surface protection. They're engineered to resist pet hair and reduce allergen accumulation, enhancing the cleanliness and hygiene of your living area. Our covers are also child-friendly, standing up to the rigors of everyday use while keeping your sofa looking like new.